Application of "Dialog Method" to Counseling

(written in Japanese language)

Yoshio Asano


"Dialog Method" is a newly coined word by the present writer. That is based on only "active listening", one of the basic skills used for counseling, as "paraphrase" and "clarification".

This method has a rule that "Before telling our own opinion or feeling, we must confirm what the other party wants to tell". This rule must be put into practice in our daily life as the occasion demands. "Confirmation", a response using words, decreases misunderstanding and increases a relationship of mutual trust.

The primary purpose of "Dialog Method" is a making of better human relations in our daily life. But instructing a client in "Dialog Method" is useful for improving in skills of personal relationships and after care of counseling. Instructing is carried out not only during interview but also in the activities named "Dialog Group" which aims at practicing "Dialog Method".

The group presents mental safety to all members and is useful for getting rid of stress and prevention of anguish of heart in our daily life.

Key Words:

dialog method, dialog, human relations, active listening, counseling

The Japanese Journals of Health Science/Vol.1 No.1/Gunma Counseling Association/1997/ISSN 1343-3393

Institute of Dialogue Method

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