Application of "Dialog Method" to the care staff of an institution for the aged

(written in Japanese language)

Atsuhiko Shimizu, Yoshio Asano


The "dialog method" was adopted as one of the staff training in an institution for the aged. The "dialog method" took out only active listening technique in counseling and simplified it.

In an institution about the care welfare, the reply that promotes communication with a user than a treatment is needed, and therefore to introduce the "dialog method" than counseling is more realistic.

A principle of the "dialog method" is a thing to "check the main point of a partner wanting to say by a word to a partner before saying a thought and a feeling of oneself".
In the training, an exercise along a principle of the "dialog method" becomes the center.

The popularity of a the "dialog method" is still low, but technique is simple, and it is more effective than learning of counseling for the staff in an institution for the aged.

Key Words:

dialog method, aged person, human relations, counseling, active listening

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