A study to make the standard to judge arrival degree of the "Dialog Method" skill

(written in Japanese language)

Atsuhiko Shimizu, Yoshio Asano


The "dialog method" took out only active listening technique in counseling and simplified it. A principle of the "dialog method" is a thing to "check the main point of a partner wanting to say by a word to a partner before saying a thought and a feeling of oneself."

The purpose of this study is to make the standard that judges arrival degree of the "dialog method" skill. The writers made the questions in order to measure the "dialog method" skill and carried out investigation. As a result, a meaningful difference was watched between degree of achievement of the "dialog method" and scores, and it became clear that this standard was effective.

Key Words:

dialog method, active listening, empathy, skill, scale, standard, score

Memoirs of Ashikaga Junior College/No.23/Ashikaga Junior College/2003/ISSN 0389-3278

Institute of Dialogue Method

2-6 Miyoshi-cho, Kiryu, Gunma, Japan

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